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Come and Join the 1st EuroFlow Summer School

The EuroFlow methods and tubes are considered the leading standard for Flow-Cytometric diagnostics. The EuroFlow Summer School has been designed to train already experienced clinical cytometrists, and introduce them to EuroFlow procedures, analysis of the EuroFlow panels and use of its associated databases in InfinicytTM.

The 1st EuroFlow Summer School will focus on the analysis and interpretation of the EuroFlow Screening tubes: ALOT, LST, SST, PCST and PIDOT. Each tube will be introduced individually with the rationale behind the choice of antigen per panel, and in-depth review of each population to be identified in normal samples, as well as per sample type. Representative pathological cases of each cell lineage will be discussed. In addition to manual analysis, automated gating and interpretation analysis will be presented and trained.

Small groups

The Summer School is open to 24 participants maximum. After the educational lectures on each topic, participants will be given case files to solve in small groups and cases will be reviewed and discussed in class. Additional cases will be available for assisted self-training. All tutors are experienced lecturers from the EuroFlow Consortium.

Laboratory Module

Registrants will have the option to also attend a laboratory module. In this wet lab participants will have the opportunity to perform a bulk lysis and learn tips and tricks of the different staining protocols. Instrument set-up (Lyric/Canto) and monitoring, compensation and assay handling will be explained and discussed in detail.

The EuroFlow summer course is especially developed for flow-cytometrists with experience in the analysis of hematological neoplasia, but are new to, or interested in EuroFlow panels and procedures. Read more about the experience and qualifications you need to fully benefit from this course.