About EuroFlow

EuroFlow develops and standardizes fast, accurate, and highly sensitive flow cytometric tests for diagnosis and prognostic (sub)classification of hematological malignancies as well as for evaluation of treatment effectiveness during follow-up. In addition to innovation, EuroFlow offers a number of services to improve the quality of diagnostics in the field of hemato-oncology worldwide, including Educational workshops, development of educational materials, organization of QA rounds and distribution of standardized protocols.

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Standardized flow cytometry protocols

All protocols/standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are developed and standardized by EuroFlow are freely available. The latest versions of these protocols can be downloaded after registration on our website.

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Educational workshops

In interactive Educational workshops that are organized around the world, EuroFlow provides detailed information on the development and use of standardized EuroFlow protocols.

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EuroFlow QA Program

Twice per year, EuroFlow organizes an external Quality Assessment program. Labs around the world can join this program to evaluate their whole flow cytometric analysis process and obtain a certificate upon good performance.

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ESLHO, together with the independent scientific foundations EuroFlow, EuroClonality and EuroMRD, is an official EHA Specialized Working Group (SWG).

New EuroFlow SOP for DxFlex setup and compensation

A new Standard Operating Procedure is published for the DxFlex setup and compensation.

The new SOP can be found after Login on the page EuroFlow Public Protocols

New version of Composition of EuroFlow PID panels and technical information on reagents

The document has been updated with the correction of typing errors in the previous version

The updated document can be downloaded in the EuroFlow login area

New EuroFlow publications

Follow the link below to find the latest EuroFlow publications, for example the open access publication "The Euroflow PID Orientation Tube in the diagnostic workup of primary immunodeficiency: Daily practice performance in a tertiary university hospital" in Frontiers in Immunology

All EuroFlow publications